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Kindergarten Readiness!
Weekend Warriors for kids 3.5-6

Weekly activities

Each week, you'll get just-right,
hands-on learning games sent to your inbox
with monthly simple supply lists like Post-its and blue tape.

Easy to Customize

 Most activities include multiple ways to play to make it harder or easier based on what 
your child needs.

Teacher Crafted

All activities crafted by experienced
kindergarten teacher, Ashley KZ (Master of Ed, UCLA 2010)

Why choose 
Forward With Fun?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
Xunzi, Chinese Philosopher
My mission is to bring fun hands-on learning to your home through simple activities and games that capture your child’s interest. No mess, minimum prep, and maximum learning fun! 
Learning activities sent to you each week
Fabulously fun, child approved learning
Less than 5 min prep per activity
No mess, simple to do
Expertly crafted for kids 3.5-6
Options for different academic levels
I'm available to answer all your learning questions!
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Hey It's Me,

I’m a kindergarten teacher, reading specialist, a mom, and a big advocate of hands-on learning! I have two very active little girls, ages 6 and 3. I never expected to home school my child until Covid-19 hit, and schools shut down and this idea was born. From my home to yours, I strive to make each day new, fun, and educational!

What Parents
are Saying

  • There is no question that Forward with Fun is an interactive and engaging way to teach my pre-K-er everything from letters and numbers to gross and fine motor skills and emotional intelligence with the HUGE plus of it being easy to execute...but so much more than all of that (and 'all of that' is a BIG DEAL) is the fact that I finally have a way to connect with my daughter on a daily basis that is stress-free, fun, and enriching. This working mom is so grateful to have this program in her life! I no longer feel like a failure of a parent during lockdown!
    Nami S.
  •  This has been a great way to keep my child engaged with learning. The best part about it is that he thinks it's just playing. I'm thankful that this has made learning easy!
    Kelly W.
  • Forward with Fun has been amazing! At the start of COVID, my daughter had no interest learning. She would get frustrated, I would get frustrated... Joining this group has given this full-time working mama and front-line husband the tools to help our daughter learn in a fun way. Activities are short and focused, but the best part is that the instruction gives parents with no child development background insight into how our toddler is processing and learning. We have pivoted the way we think and approach teaching at home. Our daughter asks if she can for another activity all the time now!
    Linh F.
  • I first heard of the Forward for Fun from one of my sons teachers at his school. I immediately checked out the website as I was running out of creative learning activities to do with my 3 boys 5 and under at home! From the first week we were totally HOOKED! With my husband working crazy hours and being home with 3 young children I was looking for activities that didn’t involve screen time. I also wanted them play but also learn with not a ton of preparation time - and this was just PERFECT.

    I especially love how it can cater to all 3 of my kids ages. The activities are perfect for my 4 year old and the “challenge” part of each activity makes it a bit more difficult for my 5 1/2 year old. My 20 month old even likes to join in the activities!

    We are so lucky to have found Ashley’s program!
    Kristina S.
  • I felt like I wasn't spending enough time with my child, let alone quality time and the learning was nonexistent. I didn't know how to be a teacher at home. It's not a skill that parents are really taught.I had enough. This program was a breath of fresh air as a working mom. It gave me a fun, innovative, quick easy way to both spend quality spend time with Gideon and to progress his learning. I was able to set up all the activities in less than 5 minutes...and to engage my kiddo in a way that toys didn't, because the activities that we were doing were so far beyond the worksheets we had previously done. We were up, we were moving, we were playing. It was actually fun and it was fun for me, all in 20 minutes a day. One of the groundbreaking parts of the program  were the assessments, because I didn't know which letters and sounds my kiddo knew. It was a game changer, it gave me such an understanding of where I needed to focus. After just a couple months, he now knows all his letters and sounds and he is about to start his Pre-K year. He is progressing at such a quick rate. Truly it's been transformative...During a time when there is so much potential to feel that guilt, I now get to feel very confident that he is prepared for school when he is back in a traditional environment.
    Rachel L.
  • Not only are Forward With Fun activities super engaging for my son, they give me the confidence that I am teaching him the building blocks for reading and math in the right way without me having to do hours of research on Pinterest and Google.

    Everything I need is given to me and all I have to do is follow the very simple instructions. I know exactly how to help him make progress with no preparation.

    Even if he was going to preschool this year, I’d still have to create activities to keep my son busy and of course I want to prepare him to read and understand math but I have no idea how to do that.

    When I did a search on Pinterest for beginning reading activities, I was completely overwhelmed. I needed someone to tell me what these skills were, the order to teach them, and how to teach them.

    What I really love about KinderReady activities is I am being taught how to teach him these skills effectively without me doing extra work. It just makes my job so much easier because all I have to do is read the instructions.
    Kelsey S.
  • Being a part of Forward With Fun learning   has completely changed how I view 'teaching' and 'learning' for my two kids that are under 5. They've learned so much and from concepts I didn't even think they could grasp yet. These are perfectly thought out activities that get us up, moving and enthusiastic about learning. Now I have a 4 year old applying what she's learned from these activities on her own throughout the day (like adding/subtracting and beginning to read)! I'm blown away.

    My husband is working from home so he doesn't see a lot of the activities being done but he sees the aftermath like her doing math and he is always floored. He's amazed and told me she's made more learning progress with this at home than we saw during preschool.
    Gladys N.
    We LOVE being a part of Forward with Fun. Ashley has created simple, engaging, educational activities that kids really enjoy. The activities are different (and easier!) than the ones you've already seen on social media. Plus, the activities develop with your child over time. Ashley even coaches moms on HOW to approach the activities to make them as fun and successful as possible. Ashley genuinely cares about both the mamas and the kiddos in her club. I can't recommend it enough!
    Katie M.

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My mission is to bring fun hands-on learning to your home through simple activities and games that capture your child’s interest.
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