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About Me

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher AND a mom. 

In 2010 my first wish came true when I got my Masters degree in Education (UCLA) and first teaching job as a kindergarten teacher. 

In 2016 my first daughter was born, completing my dream of being a teacher mom. Then Lil Sis was born in 2018, completing our family.

My kids are famous for saying, "What's our next activity, Mom!"

My passions are hands-on learning, singing, musicals, sushi, running, dance, art, puzzles, DISNEY, and sci-fi. Oh and recently COFFEE!

My Story

I never imagined homeschooling my daughters until
COVID-19 hit in March 2020, and seemingly overnight,
the schools closed. 

I was devastated for my 4-year-old; she had the greatest 
teacher and wonderful friends, but all that community 
and structure had been swept away. I worried, like we
all do, about her social-emotional health and her ability 
to cope with so many changes. 

So I decided to take action and homeschool her for the
foreseeable future, and she began to flourish at home.

People wanted to join in on what I was doing, and 
so The Fun Club was born as well as the blog. I want 
all kids to love learning and move "Forward with fun!"
All about Ashley


BA in Education & Anthropology, Washington University
in St. Louis M.Ed in Education with a focus in Social
Justice, UCLA Years of classroom experience with
bright young minds in TK and kindergarten.

Worried parent? Another blogger? Super teacher?

Contact me at [email protected]

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My mission is to bring fun hands-on learning to your home through simple activities and games that capture your child’s interest.

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