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KinderReady Summer!

Walk into kindergarten confident that your child has mastered all the skills they need for success with ridiculously fun activities.
Learn Skills

Are You a Parent Who

Is a little nervous your child doesn't show much interest in academic skills and pencil to paper tasks? (Don't be!)
Is overwhelmed trying to think of screen-free activities to do with your child this summer?
 Is worried that your child doesn't know many letters, letter sounds, and numbers?
 Wishes their child would be more excited about learning?

Are You Ready To

Always have a simple, fun, hands-on activity to impress your child?
Feel confident that your child is learning all the skills they need to excel in kindergarten while also developing their love of learning?
Create lasting skills and memories in only 20 minutes a day?
Have access to 8 weeks of low prep, super easy activities that teach skills through games and invitations to play?

Wondering how you'll entertain your soon-to-be kindergartner?

A KinderReady Summer is your one stop shop for fun activities that target the exact skills kids need as they enter kindergarten. 

Each week for 8 weeks, you'll get 5 simple pre-planned activities sent to your inbox. All you have to do is read the instructions.

  Welcome to KinderReady Summer!

What skills will my child be learning?

The focus of A KinderReady Me is to target the very important skills that come just before reading, writing, and doing arithmetic.

-letter identification, capital and lowercase
-letter sounds
-beginning sounds
-shape names and attributes
-number identification to 10
-counting with one to one correspondence
-pattern completion and creation
-name writing
-fine motor development

What will I need to do as a parent?

Not much! Set out the time in your week to do the activities, bunch them together or spread them out. Set up each activity in less than 5 minutes, some in no time at all!

Kelsey, a satisfied parent said, "All I had to do was read the instructions!"

What will the program look like?

Each week, you'll get a simple printable packet with 5 activities, all including a picture for each activity, so you know how to set it up! You'll also get an activity tracker that summarizes the week. 

Does KinderReady Summer come with the supplies I need?

You'll need to get the few supplies which I will send to you in your first email. You can just add them to your Amazon cart with a few clicks.

Want to know which supplies you'll need? Construction paper, markers, magnetic alphabet letters, blue tape, Post-it notes, and dot stickers. They're all linked in your first email so you can just drop them in your Amazon cart.

​What's the refund policy?

Upon purchase, you gain immediate access to the content – which you keep for life. These activities will CHANGE the way you teach, connect and play with your child, far exceeding the value of the program. : ) For this reason, we don't do refunds. 

I'm ready for fun, simple, learning!

"The activities were able to engage my kiddo in a way that even toys didn't! We were up; we were moving; we were playing." -Rachel (Texas)

"I'm thankful this has made learning easy. He thinks it's just playing."-Kelly (California)

Save time, ditch
your worries,
and play to learn.


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KinderReady Summer

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My mission is to bring fun hands-on learning to your home through simple activities and games that capture your child’s interest.
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