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Weekend Warrior?

Hey Working Parents! Ready to impress your child by always having a fun, totally doable learning activity for the weekend?
Instead of buying that $5 sticker book you'll throw out tomorrow, spend quality time playing and learning together. 
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I am a Warrior!

Take that, MOM GUILT!

Hey, it's Ashley. As a teacher and mama, I know what it's like to feel like I want to do MORE with my kids. But I also have to work and take care of me!

I designed Weekend Warriors after an old friend, Ori called and asked me to help her "feel like a better mom" on the weekends.

​Feeling burnt out from work, Ori wanted to do activities with her kids, but she needed them to be super simple. She knew she wanted to be on her phone less and with her children more.

What wasn't working: buying sticker books and every other Target dollar spot item to entertain her kids. Those things mostly ended up in the trash. Plus she wanted build their connection, really play together, and bonus if it involved learning.

​Her idea was simple. Could I send her one activity a week?

​Enter Weekend Warriors! Do just one activity a weekend to connect, play, and learn with your child in a whole new way.

Weekend Warriors will

Get 1 exciting learning game/activity sent to their inbox each Friday
Have simple, low or no prep ways to teach and engage their kids
Build their parent-child connection during their special weekend activity
Feel less guilt and more confidence when taking time for themselves after spending quality time together
Build their parent toolbox of fun activities to do together!

What You Want
To Know...

Each Friday I'll deliver 1 totally doable and super fun learning activity to your email so you can easily whip it out for the weekend.

What age is this for?

Activities are crafted for kids ages 3 - 6. Each activity is easily customizable for your child's skill level with a simple way to play and a challenge version!

Activities are based on Pre-K and Kindergarten standards, so kids in the 4-6 age range should be more independent in their play. Younger children will have more parent led play.

I have a 5 and 3 year old so when I create a game, I always invite my younger child to play along. She may not get the whole concept, but she loves playing and has built a robust knowledge of letters and numbers just based on exposure to these kinds of games.

Will I need to buy a ton of supplies?

Nope! Each week you'll use supplies that you have around your home, like toys, snacks, markers, and other household items.
There is one required supply each 7 weeks.

Week 1-7: Post-its
Week 8-14: Blue Painters Tape
Week 15-21: Pom Poms
Week 22-28: Dot Stickers

Can I gift this to my grandchild/friend?

You sure can. Just email [email protected] with the email you'd like me to deliver activities to before or after checkout.

What kind of activities can I expect?

All activities are ultra-fun and totally doable. Also they're easy to customize to your child's level with no extra work for you since each one includes 2 or more ways to play!

Activities feature foundational reading and math skills such as:
      -letters and letter sounds
      -number identification
      -composing numbers in different ways
      -reading names
      -beginning sounds
      -word reading (for older kids)

Activities will involve relay races, movement, creativity, scavenger hunts, and sometimes snacks. They'll be games you can play again and again, and your child will love them!

28 weeks of fun activities (They won't even know they're learning!)

A low pressure, low prep way to ensure your child is going to learn skills they need to excel in school and LOVE it. 

I'm ready to start playing to learn!

are Saying

  • "As a working mom it gives me a fun, innovative, quick easy way to both spend quality spend time with my son and to progress his learning. I was able to set up all the activities in less than 5 minutes...and to engage my kiddo in a way that toys didn't."
  • "Activities are short and focused, but the best part is that the instruction gives parents with no child development background insight into how our 3.5 year old is processing and learning. We have pivoted the way we think and approach teaching at home. Our daughter asks if she can for another activity all the time now! "
  • ​"I especially love how it can cater to all 3 of my kids' ages. The activities are perfect for my 4 year old and the “challenge” part of each activity makes it a bit more difficult for my 5 1/2 year old. My 20-month-old even likes to join in the activities!"

Working Parents are Rockstars!

You give your all at work AND at home, and it can be exhausting.

Simplify your weekends and impress your little one by always having a well-thought out and playful activity for them.

These easy to prep, learning games will change the way you look at playing and learning with your child for always!
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