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Programs for kids 3-6

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1 Weekly Activity for kids 3-6 years old

Weekend Warriors

Perfect for working parents who want to bond, play, and support their child's education on the weekend. 

-For 28 weeks, get a new, at-their-level learning activity for your 3-6 year old
-one simple supply for each 7 weeks (like Post-its, pom poms, etc).
alphabet matching post its

5 weekly activities (8 weeks) for kids going into kindergarten

A KinderReady Summer

40 activities that kids absolutely love!

Target the exact skills kids need before kindergarten!
-simple to do activities that kids love, no worksheets!
-start kindergarten with confidence 

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KinderReady Summer

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My mission is to bring fun hands-on learning to your home through simple activities and games that capture your child’s interest.
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