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Lowercase Letters Soup: A Sensory Bin

Sensory Lowercase Letters Soup is a game we play where the kids pretend to make soup, but I sneak in some learning.

Learning is so much better when it's organically intertwined with kids' play because it's always fun and goes in new imaginative directions. Each time can be different!

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lowercase letters sensory soup


  • Lowercase Letters - I love these Coogam letters because the vowels are red and consonants are blue for easy word making.
  • Beans
  • Egg carton
  • Kitchen utensils for stirring and scooping

In Lowercase Letters Soup, the egg carton has letters written in each space and I only include those 12 letters in the soup. It is more successful and engaging when every letter they find has a home.

Kids sometimes resist doing an activity that is visually overwhelming or has too many steps. Keeping it to 12 lowercase letters makes the task doable for little kids. Also, the egg carton serves as a reminder of how many other letters are left. The egg carton can even be a math component: noticing there are 12 spots in the egg carton, how many the child has found already, and how many empty spots are left.

Another way to play with the letters, especially if you don't have an egg carton is to match them to letters on a baking tray, like in this great activity by No Time For Flashcards!

sensory soup with lowercase letters bin

How is playing Lowercase Letters Soup beneficial to my child?

  • engages children in naming and matching letters
  • imaginative play provides opportunities for creativity and language development
  • builds fine motor skills through scooping, dumping, and manipulating small objects
  • captures kids' attention through open-ended play

How to challenge readers through Lowercase Letters Soup:

making words out of lowercase letters

Make sure to include some vowels in your letters so that readers can find letters and try to make their own words.

Kids can make CVC words, that means Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words and then read them. Is that a real word? Or is it a nonsense words?

Ready for another activity using these lowercase letters? Try making CVC words in a muffin pan!

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