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Sorting Shapes Sticky Wall + More

One of the best ways to practice shape identification is through sorting shapes. Using contact paper to make a sticky wall, you'll have the perfect shape sorting setup!

If you're wondering how to make a sticky wall, you'll want to watch the quick timelapse on this post: Sticky Wall Activities

Invitation to Play: Sorting Shapes

Before you play, make sure you have sectioned off areas of your sticky wall for each shape. You can do this with tape or like in this photo below, by putting a differently colored paper behind the contact paper.

Then you'll need some shapes. I cut up pieces of construction paper in every which way to make shapes, but you can also use these helpful foam shape stickers, to make it easier to prep. Either label each area or put a different shape in each area so kids will know which shape goes where.

sorting shapes on a sticky wall

Now it's time to sort those shapes!

  1. Invite your child to play by introducing the shapes, making sure to say each shape's name and have your child repeat it.
  2. Together match one of each shape to the correct section on the sticky wall.
  3. Have your child continue sorting the shapes onto the sticky wall.

Guided Questions- How to get the most out of your Sticky Wall Shape Sort:

Kids are like sponges. When they're engrossed in a fun task like sorting shapes on the sticky wall, they can pick up a lot more information through guided questioning techniques. Here are some questions to use while they're sorting shapes to help your child think about shapes in different ways.

  • How many sides does that shape have?
  • How do you know that is a triangle?
  • What happens if you turn that shape on its side? Upside down?
  • Can you name an object that is that shape?
  • How is the square similar to the rectangle? How is it different?
  • What are some other shapes that you know?
shape sorting wall

Looking for some more ways to practice sorting shapes?

You won't wanna miss these tape shapes. Look around your home for items that match the shapes and put them inside the matching tape shapes.

quiet time activity

For a low prep shape sort, you can download my shape sorting pdf! Kids will practice sorting triangles, squares, rectangles, and hexagons.

And this crack the code activity! Does this count as sorting? It's kinda backwards sorting as you crack the shape code!

crack the shapes code

Wow! This kindergarten teacher avoids all prep with an epic collage that has kids sorting shapes they see in magazines! Check out 2D shape sort from

Finally, if you're looking into 3D shape activities, you won't wanna miss this shape sort and so much more!

3d shape shorting

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