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Epic Subtraction Fact Fluency Cup Stacking Challenge

samples of 3 subtraction fact fluency challenges, level 1 subtraction within 10, level 2 subtraction within 20, level 3 subtraction within 30

Children are building subtraction fact fluency in kindergarten and first grade. This means they need to know and practice their subtracts "facts" quickly. How can we motivate children to practice their subtraction facts? I can tell you, it's definitely not with a subtraction facts worksheet. Just the thought makes me cringe!

Success comes through playing games like these Subtract and Stack Challenges. I've made 5 different sets of challenges that cover subtractions facts in three ranges:

  • Subtraction within 10 (kindergarten level- 2 sets)
  • Subtraction within 20 (first grade level- 2 sets)
  • Subtraction within 30 (challenge, subtraction fluency- bonus set)

*As an amazon affiliate I may receive a teensy commission if you buy something from one of the links in this post, at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

What is the definition of subtraction fact fluency?

To get to the nitty gritty, subtraction facts to 10 are any equation where something is subtracted from a number 10 or lower.

Subtraction facts to 20 are anytime a number is subtracted from 20 and the difference is a 1 digit number.

So technically, 20-5= 15 is not a subtraction fact, but 20-15=5 is a subtraction fact!

What does subtraction fact fluency mean?

Fluency is the ability to perform an action quickly, almost to the point of automaticity. Subtraction fact fluency is another way to say the ability to do subtraction problems quickly.

The word fluency also shows up in the common core math standards such as in this first grade standard you'll see printed on the stacking challenges:

"1.OA.6 Add and subtract within 20 demonstrating fluency for subtraction within 10."

As children do more and more fun subtraction challenges, they build their fact fluency!

Subtraction Fact Fluency Cup Stacking Challenges to print and play!

We all love a good print and play activity, and these subtraction stacking cups are the cream of the crop.

  1. Print the subtraction fluency stacking challenges (and ANSWER KEYS) at the end of this post.
  2. Laminate, only if you want.
  3. Grab 40 plastic/paper cups and write the numbers corresponding with each set. We love this set of 50 paper cups because they're sturdy and easy to write on. I've used these for years in the classroom, and they're still in fab shape.

If you've already purchased my Addition Stacking cups activities, then you can use those EXACT same cups for both challenges. Want them? When you check out there is an option to bundle the addition and subtraction fact fluency challenges (40 total) for a discount. It's too good!

Then you'll have 10 sets of ready-to-go addition and subtraction activities for kindergarten and first grade, that you have prepped in a total of 5 minutes maximum. Did I mention they include answer keys so kids can self check?

child self checking subtraction fact fluency using answer key
Self checking using the answer keys included

Download your Subtraction Cup Challenges Now!

June 18, 2023

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