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Welcome to The Fun Club!

Thank you for including Forward With Fun in your child's learning! 

This message has also been emailed to you, and each week you'll receive your weekly activities from [email protected].

If you don't see the message in your inbox, PLEASE check your promotions or spam folder and add [email protected] to your contacts. That way, we can make sure you don't miss out on the fun!
As a member of The Fun Club, you now have access to my first Teacher Toolbox video: The Assessment.

Watch it below as I introduce the program to you and give you your first teacher tool, that will ensure that your child will see progress through this program. (It's only 7 minutes! I know you're busy!)

Each week I'll be sending your activities as a downloadable packet and an online version.

In order to access the online versions of weekly activities and future Teacher Toolbox videos, you'll need to login using the first part of your email (like if mine is [email protected], my username is now forwardwithfun) and the automated password for your account: FunClub333

These will be created for your within 24 hours of joining The Fun Club, and then you'll be able to login and change your password if you'd like.

Month 1 Simple Supplies:

1. Post-its, Click HERE

2. Blue Tape, Click HERE

3. Dot Stickers, Click HERE

You'll use these items during Month 1 and in the following months as they become part of your Fun Club learning toolkit. You might also want to have the following handy for the first month: paper, markers, small toys, building toys like blocks or Duplos, and a paintbrush (optional).

I'll always include links to get them from Amazon to make it easy, but you can get them wherever is most convenient for you!

Weekly Activities:

Each week you'll receive 2 literacy, 2 math, and 1 social emotional activity. 

This week we start with a 3 day assessment before jumping into the activities listed at the end of the packet. As explained in the teacher's toolbox video below, the assessments will be vital in deciding what letters/numbers and skills you'll focus on with your child based on their individual needs! You'll see the assessments every three months.
Week 1 Assessment + Activities, printable packetWeek 1 Assessment + Activities, online

Support and Your Membership:

If you have any questions along your journey, just shoot me an email: [email protected] or reply to any of the weekly emails. 

I want to celebrate your successes, so don't be shy about reaching out. I'm here for you!

The receipt that was emailed to you ([email protected]) has a link on the bottom for you to manage your billing details and view your purchase history at any time.

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