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AN Word Family Printables and Activities

The AN word family words are perfect for practicing with your kindergartner as they begin to sound out words.

What are word families?

Word Families are sets of words that have the same ending and rhyme. The ending of words in a word family is commonly referred to as the "root."

Children have more success when reading words that are familiar, so by having kids reads words that have the same end, they can decode the sounds with increased speed. Studies have shown that learning to read word families develops vocabulary, as well as children's ability to recognize patterns in words, ultimately leading them to read with greater understanding and speed.

To grab your list of AN words, click the list below or continue reading for more AN words printable worksheets.

an word family list of words

AN Word Family Worksheets

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of worksheets, but I also know that teachers often use worksheets as homework to reinforce skills learned in the classroom. Here are some printable worksheets that would help strengthen reading skills, followed by some hands-on ways to teach the AN family words.

Mini Word Search

circle the AN word
This simple word search only goes vertically, making it a fun and totally doable activity for the earliest readers.

AN Word Match and Write

AN words match and write

AN Word Family Read and Circle

next to each picture read the two words and circle the one that matches

AN Words With Pictures Flashcards

How do you teach word families in hands-on ways?

If you've read my blog before, you know that I would never share worksheets without sharing ACTIVITIES that make learning these words even more fun.

Got a child who cringes when you show them a worksheet? That's okay! Try any of these activities to make practicing reading AN words more hands-on and exciting for young learners. You can use these games with any word families!

Games to teach AN words:

  • Memory: Play a game of memory with the flashcards, flipping them over and taking turns to make a match.
  • Word Ladder: Recreate your own word family ladder like we did for the AT word family.
word family ladder
  • Write The Room: Hide the pictures around the room. Give your child a white board and ask them to write the word for each picture they find.
  • Swat-it: tape all the words on the wall, and yell out the word for your child to SPLAT as shown in this picture with the AT word family
How to teach CVC words to wiggly kids
  • Connect the words to the pictures: Place a small piece of string by each AN word, then have your child read the word, and connect the string to the picture.
  • Any of the hands-on game to teach CVC words you can find right HERE.

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