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Rainbow Writing Makes Spelling Fun

Rainbow writing is a fun way to make spelling practice more engaging for children.

The idea of rainbows has always been a source of fascination and joy for kids, which makes it a great way to get them excited about practicing their words. They will be eager to color their word over and over again until they have formed their own rainbow!

sample of rainbow writing

What is rainbow writing?

Rainbow writing is a simple, do anywhere, writing practice strategy where children either trace or write the words in rainbow colors. You can use colored pencils and crayons to create your rainbow words or try markers when doing the more independent version below.

The benefits:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Learning how to spell new words
  • Better letter formation

How do you implement rainbow writing?

These differentiated versions are both wonderful ways to use rainbow writing with your kids or students. And of course, it doesn't have to be just so.

What to practice:

  • name writing (children 3+)
  • sight words (kindergarten and up)
  • spelling words (elementary school)
  • cursive (third grade)

You can give rainbow writing your own flair by choosing other colors, using different materials, or writing the words in different styles and shapes.

Rainbow writing with tracing:

This is the simpler version of rainbow writing, since the children are not writing words on their own unlike the next version.

tracing version of rainbow writing

On a piece of paper, write the words you want your child to trace. Make sure to write them big enough so your child can easily trace them. The smaller the words, the more difficult they are to trace.

Next have your students or your child pick out their favorite colors to trace the word with. I know my daughter will always do things in rainbow order: ROYGBIG (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) but there is no one way to rainbow write.

Have your child or students trace the word 3 or more times. For younger children, especially preschoolers, I would say 3 times is plenty of practice.

rainbow name writing 3 years old

Rainbow writing independently

For this version, I recommend using the rainbow colors in order. Children will copy the word instead of trace it, writing it multiple times until they've created a rainbow of that word. Use markers, colored pencils, crayons, or even paint, if you're feeling it!

rainbow writing for independent writers

Where can you find resources to help with spelling and writing skills?

My favorite handwriting curriculum is called Learning Without Tears. They have an emphasis on learning to write in ways that are fun and developmentally appropriate.

They have a wonderful handwriting chart that shows proper letter formation, which is actually really helpful as an adult. I never knew I was doing my lowercase f's backwards.

Download the Learning Without Tears letter and number formation charts HERE! -Thanks to Learning Without Tears for making these available for FREE!

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the exact formation if they letter looks correct when your child is writing, but when YOU write out the words, check to make sure your letters are looking like these so children learn the proper way to write!

What are your favorite resources for handwriting and spelling? Leave me a comment below!

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