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Free Letter V Worksheets- Phonics + Writing

You've found the treasure trove of Letter V worksheets, here in this most unusual place.

Why is it unusual? Well, I'm not the biggest fan of worksheets for teaching new information, but I also know that worksheets work really well to reinforce skills like letter writing and allow kids to practice skills like letter sound correspondence.

So let this be the first of many free worksheets in the alphabet series, created by a kindergarten teacher for parents and other teachers.

These letter V worksheets are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Identifying the letter V
  2. Sound/letter correspondence
  3. writing
  4. Sight word book

*As an Amazon affiliate, I may make a tiny commission from any purchase that you make through links on my site to help with the upkeep of these free resources. Thank you in advance.

free letter v printables

Free Downloadable Letter V Worksheets

Letter Identification Worksheets - Letter V Series

When kids are first learning the names of letters, they can easily mix them up. Since they all are a series of squiggles and lines, and the names are so abstract, it's easy to see why.

These printables can be colored, put stickers onto, or dabbed with these Do-a-dot dabbers. Those are the only ones I trust, after being in the dabbing game for over 13 years now.

find the letter v
dot the letter v
dab the lowercase letter v

Letter Sound Correspondence- Letter V Worksheets

Reinforce the phonetic piece behind letter learning. What sound does the letter V make? Which pictures do and do not start with that /v/ sound? Beginning sound isolation is the skill we are working on Easy Phoneme Isolation Activities

Beginning Sound Isolation is the skill of identifying the first sound in a word, and it's a very important early reading skill. This is what these two worksheets focus on.

color the pictures of the letter v
letter v phonics pictures, color ones that start with the v sound

Letter V Writing Worksheets

These are probably the most helpful worksheets to have, tracing and writing worksheets. There really is nothing that can replace the pencil to paper tasks kids must learn to become writers.

If your children are struggling with pencil to paper tasks, and you notice their writing is really light, shaky, or messy, they likely have low fine motor tone. Here are some play based activities you can do to develop those fine motor skills.

v is for vampire tracing sheet

Letter V Printable Book

This printable book reinforces the letter V sound as children read about lots of words that start with V. Bonus! When kids read this book they're also practicing concepts of print and sight words. As you can see the sight words used in this book are "is" and "for."

November 23, 2022

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